Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Review

Dragon Ball Z is back once again with it’s 19th film in the Dragonball series. If you’re looking for a movie that is action packed, has all your favorite characters, and also has all the returning voice actor cast members then you will pleasantly surprised by it. Dragon Ball Z Revival of F takes place a few months after the last arc of Battle of Gods. Let’s see what the movie did best and what the movie didn’t.

What Previously Happened on DBZ

The last major arc was when the fearful god of destruction named Beerus decided to take a visit to Earth. Four years had passed since the fated battle with Majin Buu. Beerus, the god of destruction wakes up from a slumber of over 39 years, and once he’s awake he’s ready to look for a fight. He gets word of the fight between Goku and starts to look for the remaining saiyan races. He races to Earth and runs into Goku and his gang. While Beerus may be the god of destruction, Goku and Vegeta seem to put up a decent match. Beerus’s right hand man, Who’s, had to stop Beerus or else he may have destroyed the world. If only he did that because of the world being in danger, instead he does it because he wants more of the wonderful food we have. Beerus and Whis end up leaving, but will soon be returned.

So, How About DBZ Revival of F?

The revival of F movie continues on with Frieza’s army coming to attack Earth and get revenge for their master. Their plan being to sneak into the Saiyans lair and get ahold of the Dragon Balls in order to revive Frieza from hell. Their plan works and Frieza comes back more powerful than ever. He’s ready to take his revenge on Goku and Vegeta and all of the other saiyans. Everyone teams up in an effort to save Earth and prevent Frieza from destroying the planet. Of course the teams end up winning against the threat and saving Earth once again. More details.

The Verdict?

Overall, the film was very enjoyable. You get to see some characters that weren’t very prevalent in the last few films or in the anime. Seeing Frieza come back all powerful and evil was also a great thing. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to say it beats the last movie, as it was lacking some common sense. For example, when Frieza destroys Earth and Beerus and Whis come in to save the day. Sometimes I wish that they would actually focus on the fighting rather than throwing in plotlines like that. Either way DBZ revival of F was a great film, and if you’re going in expecting the classic DBZ style you won’t be disappointed. The humor is also well done from all the amazing voice actors.

In Conclusion

Going in and expecting the classic DBZ action and characters you adore makes the film just as good as all the others. There are moments where you wish they would have branched out from the normal plot line of DBZ, however, it’s what makes it so classic. If you’re planning on watching the anime or the next few movies, you should definitely sit down and watch this in your free time. The movie is technically a condensed version of the anime, so beware if you were planning on watching the anime. Either way Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F excels itself with the classic DBZ feel. To find out more, check out http://dragonballzstreaming.com



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