Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Review – From Battle of Gods, To Frieza, On a Path to Super!
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DBZ Revival of F has launched fans of Dragon Ball into a frenzied panic and there is truly excitement rife in the air!  Dragon Ball has been around for quite a while but still, it is just as fresh as it was when first released and it seems that more and more people are on the edge of their seat waiting for the next big Dragon Ball installment but what does it have to offer?

Dragon Ball Z Revival of F Not Just For Hardened Fans

The great thing about Dragon Ball is that it is great for everyone; you don’t have to be a fan since the early 80’s when we first saw Dragon Ball.  There are so many new viewers today who are jumping on board and beginning to see the magic from Dragon Ball.  However, it was quite interesting to see how the story was going to form for the new movie as so much has happened along the way.  The original storywriter however seems to be back on board and it really offers new and old fans the choice to enjoy the creativeness with the franchise with DBZ Revival of F!

The Story So Far

However, a few of the characters that fans will love are missing from the latest installment of Dragon Ball but still you can’t fit everyone into a movie at one time.  Though, there are still lots of favorite characters to enjoy.  The last installment saw an epic battle with one hero and one villain, both fighting until the death.  Fans were absolutely mesmerized by the last installment of the franchise and picking up right where it left off was a key point for most.  Dragon Ball Z Revival of F does offer the chance for some much loved characters to return however.

More Potential

Though, the story does have a lot of room to grow in places especially since classic characters are returning.  There is a lot to ponder over when it comes to characters Goku and Vegeta and the growth between the previous installment and now is impressive.  However, what will come next?  Well, there have been a lot of hints dropped such as Jaco, a loved character going to make an appearance with Frieze returning.  There are some violent elements to the movie but it does even out nicely with the addition to the humor side of things too.  DBZ Revival of F looks set to become a fan favorite once again.

What the Future Holds

It does seem as though the new installment of DBZ looks set to be a firm favorite for beloved fans but newer fans are also coming into focus.  This is going to ensure the growth of the ever popular show and it could prove to be the driving force behind more creations in the future.  There may be new series planned as well as new games but who knows?  If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z Revival of F, you may want to keep an eye out on what happens next.

More info in this link: http://variety.com/2015/film/reviews/film-review-dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-1201568699/.

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