How Rap Music Harnessed ‘Dragon Ball Z’s’ Fighting Spirit

With the premiere of Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No F approaching within the next two weeks in Japan, reports state that there will be an English-version of the film hitting theaters also. This report, like others, has illustrated the many characteristics of the long-running program. One of the topics is how rap music harnessed Dragon Ball Z’s fighting spirit.

Artists Reference Dragon Ball Z

Historically, it is not usual for rap artists to reference tv programs or movies. It is thought that artists creating rap music see themselves in the character; therefore, referencing the show to paint a picture in the audience’s head. This allows the audience to understand what exactly the artist is portraying while giving subconscious examples. Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No F is going to be the newest production and it is thought that artists in the rap music industry will most likely continue to reference the character. The reason for this… the character is new and will allow the artist to paint a new but similar picture for the audience.

Why Rap Artists Harness Dragon Ball Z

Many artists say that they use the characters and the mood of the television program, Dragon Ball Z, because it empowers them and it gives them the “blazing” personality needed when performing. It is easier to present your work as a rapper if you believe in what you are rapping about and if you are able to relate to the situation of the character. The character has many traits that rappers see in them and this allows them to take their career to a whole new level. The content is not only for the rapper, however, the content is so that the audience is able to relate to the work as well. If a listener can relate to the character portrayed in the music, they are more willing to become a fan of the work and assist the rapper in a successful career. Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No F will most likely be a focal point for artists that have previously referenced the characters before. Find out more here!

Dragon Ball Z in the West

Dragon Ball Z has influenced the West in many ways. One of the biggest ways Dragon Ball Z has influenced the West is through music. American rappers such as: Young Jeezy and B.o.B reference characters from the program. Spanish rapper Porta has an entire rap song dedicated to Dragon Ball Z. Rapper Soulja Boy references the characters Goku, Vegeta and many more. Dragon Ball Z was mentioned in a song by the Dutch rap group Brainpower. These artists and many more have all found inspiration through this very popular television show. Dragon Ball Z Revival of F and Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No F are just a couple of the productions that have influenced many around the world.

There is a pretty big hype about the television show that has been airing since 1989 in Japan. Many people find themselves relating to the characters and are able to feed off of the energy from the show. If you haven’t already checked out Dragon Ball ZFukkatsu No F that is soon to be released in the upcoming weeks.

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