Practical Uses for Old Flower Girl Dresses
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Has your daughter recently acted as a flower girl in a wedding?  If she did, odds are that you now have a flower girl dress hanging in her closet.  Although you were probably thrilled to have your daughter included in a friend or family member’s special day, deciding what to do with the flower girl dress after the ceremony can be tricky.

You hate to see the dress gathering dust in the closet. However, you’re not quite prepared to donate it to charity, either.  You’ve got to find a use for this dress.  Before you stress out too badly about the fate of this flower girl dress, take the time to consider these options.

If your daughter’s dress was fairly informal, she may be able to wear the dress to other weddings or celebrations.  Floral prints or cotton fabrics lend themselves to being worn again.  Pastel-colored dresses can also be recycled as an Easter dress.  Don’t be afraid, however, to make small modifications to the dress to make it suitable for other events.  Remove decorations that are too elaborate for anything but a flower girl dress; hem the dress to a more practical length.  In a few hour’s you can have an entirely new dress.

More formal dresses can also be worn again, on a slightly different occasion.  Flower girl dress can often be repurposed as Halloween costumes.  The addition of a pair of wings and a flower wreath can take that flower girl dress from wedding attire to clothing fit for a fairy.  Dresses in fall colors can even be used to create an earthier fairy.  Your little girl will be thrilled with her Halloween costume and the opportunity to wear her special dress one more time.

The ability to use an old flower girl dress doesn’t end when your daughter outgrows the dress.  Crafty moms will be able to use the fabric in the dress to make something new.  Silk or satin fabrics could be sewn up to make lovely sachets.  You may even give a few of these sweet-smelling to the bride as a gift.  Scraps from flower girls dresses are also wonderful additions to a memory quilt.

If none of these options are appealing, you do always have the option of selling an old flower girl dress.  Consignment shops often specialize in luxury clothing items and need to add new stock to their stores often.  Selling the dress yourself on eBay is also a quick way to find a new home for an old flower girl dress.  Who knows?  You may be providing another little girl the opportunity to enjoy the dress that your daughter enjoyed so much.

With so many different ways to use an old flower girl dress, you can certainly find a way to put your daughter’s dress to use.  By giving either the dress or its components new life, you will get far more bang for your buck.  Your daughter will love getting to see her pretty dress come out of the closet one more time, and you’ll see your investment reaping a whole new set of rewards.

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