Selecting A Flower Girl Dress
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Considering all of the decisions that must be made while planning a wedding, selecting a flower girl dress may not seem like the most important choice you have to make.  To your flower girl, however, this choice might be the most important decision.  Many different factors go into choosing a dress for your youngest attendant.  If you carefully take each of these factors into consideration, you can be certain that you will select a dress that is appropriate for your wedding and your flower girl.

The first thing you should think about is the weather that you are likely to encounter on the big day.  Are you planning a winter wedding?  Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a summer wedding.  Whether you are anticipating warm weather or cold, you should take care to choose a flower girl dress that your flower girl can be comfortable in.  Look at sleeve length and the fabric of the dress as you make your decision.

Another practical factor in the selection of a flower girl dress is the fabric you would like to see in the dress.  While silk is always a beautiful choice, silk may not hold up as well as you’d like throughout the day’s festivities.  Will your flower girl be in pictures immediately after she puts her dress on?  Take care to choose a fabric that will retain its original appeal for the entire length of your ceremony and reception.

Once you’ve worked out the technical aspects of your flower girl dress, you’re ready to start examining the more aesthetic components of the dress.  What color do you envision your flower girl wearing?  Will she be dressed like a miniature version of you in white or ivory?  Perhaps you’d rather see her in a more colorful dress.  You can really let your imagination soar as you investigate the many different dress colors that are available. See more here.

The formality of your wedding should also be considered as you select your flower girl dress.  An extremely formal wedding may call for an elaborate flower girl dress with pick-ups and beading.  A more casual wedding, on the other hand, may be better suited for brightly-colored cotton dress.  Take care to ensure that your flower girl’s dress is in synch with the formality of the rest of the bridal party’s attire.

Finally, the age of your flower girl should weigh heavily in your choice of flower girl dress.  If your flower girl is older, she can certainly wear a dress that is a simplified version of the dress your bridesmaids are wearing.  A younger bridesmaid, however, may not be able to pull off the more mature aspects of some dresses.  Infant flower girl dresses demand different considerations than a flower girl dress designed for a teenager. Spaghetti straps, for instance, are not suitable for a toddler flower girl dress.

Although these factors are just a few of the considerations you should consider while selecting a dress, whether it’s flower girl dresses for an infant, or flower girl dresses for toddlers, making these decisions will help you finish most of the dress selection process.  Once you’ve worked out all of these details, you will find yourself much closer to selecting “the” flower girl dress.  Don’t you wish that selecting your bridal gown had been this easy?

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