Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Review

Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F is a sequel of the original Dragon Ball.  These sequels are Anime type which is a Japanese computer animated or hand drawn cartoon type that seems to appeal to most any crowds including adults.  Anime started in being spread internationally in the late twentieth century and has grown to have quite a group of followers.   This film was released theatrically on April 18, 2015 and became the first Japanese film to be showed in IMAX 3D.  It also received screenings at some 4DX theaters.  This is the nineteenth Japanese animated film that is based on the Dragon Ball series.

What To Expect

Most of the fans were extremely excited about this film and were filled with excitement as they entered the theaters to watch another episode of this exciting mythical story line.  This film has received very favorable reviews and even the critics have praised the quality of the animation and its fast paced action sequences.  Some critics did criticize its story line that they reported was only tailored for a select target audience and it did not appeal to a broader audience.   Most all of the followers raved and loved the movie with all of their excitement and dedication for the series and the sequels that this Anime has to offer.

Why Is This Movie So Impressive?

  • It broke box office records
  • It set was the first Japanese film to hit 3 and 4 D theaters
  • Was given high ratings by its followers
  • Was given overall good reviews even by the toughest critics
  • Was rated very highly in its fast action sequences

Fans Were Excited About This Exciting Sequel

With all of the excitement of dbz rivival of f, when this film left the theaters on August 20th it had a final tally of $8.4 million.  Looking at the reviews and comments from some of the fans, there was a mixed reaction to Frieza losing his battle.  He appears to be a character which many loved and hated but very popular either way.  There are many fans hoping for further sequels in this exciting adventure that has seemed to become part of their lives.  Most of the fans appear to know the characters in the sequels like they were their friends and part of their lives.  There was disappointment and excitement expressed over the roles of their favorite characters.

With all of this films fast packed animation and brilliant colors, not many of the followers were disappointed with this amazing Anime film.  The box office numbers show that and many fans have the home versions so that they can watch this film over again.  Most of them are anxiously waiting for the next sequel in this exciting story they have grown to love.  Everything about this movie from the critics’ reviews to the reviews of the fans shows that it was a very successful and a huge part of the Development of the wonderful Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F series.

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