It’s all about dragon ball z revival of f review

This is a 2-hour movie created by Toriyama and watched in 3D. if you enjoy this movie then you probably understand the plot summary better. The dragon ball z villains-Frieza who was killed is coming back and in a bang. The end of the movie dragon ball z also described as the battle of gods left us knowing that the earth is safe again with lord beerus sparing it once more. There is plenty of food to be enjoyed from all places and the world is calm again. But, as expected the calmness is short-lived because Frieza’s remnant armies are in space reviving him and an even better him. they are actually using the earth’s dragon ball to revive him. Note that this is the intergalactic warlord and that creates the major part of the movie dragon ball z revival f.

The story is below

After the revival of Frieza at space, he takes time to train his army as well as rebuild it in order to attack the planet earth and finish the 2 enemies who are responsible for his defeat. They are trunks and Goku. Unfortunately, trunks left earth to return to the future while Goku left with his army to another planet for training and have been largely not in contact. Z warriors are the only ones remaining and they hope to hold Frieza and his army a little longer until Goku arrives.

The best part of the story is that if you watched dragon ball z in the new dragon ball z revival of f you clearly know Frieza and therefore the writer doesn’t concentrate on informing you about him but rather introduces a new character Jaco who has a friend who is in contact with Goku and tells her to warn Goku of Frieza’s arrival. He also helps in the war against Frieza. The interesting thing is that he cannot fly yet he manages to fight the flying Frieza’s army. Despite Goku’s current strength after massive training, the movie creator finds ways to make Frieza hold his place in defeating Goku.


  • Frieza is perceived a weak villain, he is never at all a threat to Goku and can only dominate with the help of others outside of him. You see if the villain is not made as closely strong as the protagonist tension reduces and consequently the drama of the action.
  • In the movie there are times that instead of being creative the creator uses playing safe tactic that then makes it less impactful than it should.
  • The massive use of CG in the movie can be a little distracting although the creator manages to use cinematography to overshadow the questionable CG use.

My verdict

Dragon ball z revival f is by far a great fun movie with great animation compared to the DBZ movies on TV but the creator tends to fail to maintain and increase the momentum of tension after the main fight between Frieza and Goku begins. Visit:

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